To be eligible for our Best Price Guarantee, you should have a booking confirmation made through or should provide Sevilla Central Suites with a link to the lower net price (without VAT and other taxes) from a different online site prior to the booking or within 5 hours after the reservation date at

The online net rate found on another website needs to comply with the following conditions with regard to the Sevilla Central Suites best available net rate:
-same establishment
-same type of apartment
-same dates of stay
-same sales conditions such as the cancellation conditions, prepayment conditions, and possible changes to be made in the reservation, etc.
-same number of guests
-same currency

In case the rate breakdown is not visible, or rate includes tax, difference of prices due to erroneous or incorrect round-ups will not be considered.
In order to be eligible for our Best Price Guarantee, the difference in prices must be greater than 2€. Differences below this amount will not be considered.
Best Price Guarantee claims can only be submitted by the booker (the person who made the reservation, who may also be the guest). No claims can be submitted by anyone else on behalf of the guest listed in the reservation.